The College was established in 2002 with bi-partisan support under the Judicial College of Victoria Act 2001. Chaired by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria, the College Board comprises the heads of the six Victorian jurisdictions and two Governor in Council appointees.

The College is founded on the idea of peer education. Judicial officers drive and shape the education we provide.

Like our education, our publications are also judge-led. The expertise of our judicial editors allows us to write and publish a range of authoritative publications. These publications have become irreplaceable tools for both the judiciary and the legal profession and have raised the standard of legal practice in Victoria.

Our work ensures judicial officers in all Victorian jurisdictions are:

  • Aware of the nature and expectations of the
    judicial role
  • Up-to-date with the latest developments in the law
  • Knowledgeable about judicial practice and the
    judicial process
  • Well-versed in disciplines other than the law
  • Familiar with a range of cultures and how cultural
    factors may be relevant to court proceedings
  • In touch with pressing community and social issues
  • Equipped to manage the unique pressures of judicial
    office and maintain wellbeing
  • Able to enhance their practical skills, particularly
    their capacity to communicate clearly, manage
    their courtrooms and effectively use and understand new technologies.

The College has a proven track record of delivering education on topics relevant to all facets of the judicial role, including decision making, logic and legal reasoning, the laws of evidence, managing criminal and civil proceedings, judicial ethics, historical sex offences, family violence and procedural fairness. We ground many of our educational programs in the stories of those with lived experience of the justice system and wider communities, ensuring they are heard and understood by judicial officers. The College is innovative and engages with some of the best thinkers and experts in Australia and the world to foster ideas and to expand our horizons.

Every Victorian judicial officer is expected to participate in ten ‘continuing professional development hours’ at the College each year. This may include involvement in programs, preparing and delivering papers, chairing and facilitating sessions, and other contributions to
education and publication development and review.