With challenges come opportunities. There are endless openings for the College to support the judiciary in meeting whatever the future may bring. Over coming years, we will enhance our existing offerings and expand our scope, including by improving our digital presence and our information services. We will make our services available to a wider audience, seek appropriate value for our intellectual property and diversify our sources of funding and revenue. 

Specific opportunities include:

Providing all judicial education in Victoria

The College’s experience demonstrates that judicial education must be tailored to jurisdictional priorities and conditions. As a specialised education provider, the College is uniquely placed to take on this resource-intensive work for all courts and tribunals in Victoria, a proportion of which has historically been retained by jurisdictions ‘in-house’.

The College will provide educational programs aligned with the priorities of, and in partnership with, each jurisdiction. We will also continue to offer education on key universal areas such as judicial wellbeing, leadership, court craft, cultural awareness and substantive law.


Information, research and analysis services

The Victorian judiciary currently has limited access to the research and information necessary to underpin innovation, improve the justice system and evaluate court initiatives.

The College is ideally placed to provide these services. With demonstrated expertise in research that is attuned to the needs and values of the court system, and strong relations with all courts and tribunals, the College can deliver higher quality services at lower cost than consultants from the private sector.


Commercialising College offerings

The College has a national and international reputation as a premium service provider and is often approached to develop and deliver bespoke education programs and publications for courts and tribunals and other legal organisations both in Victoria and beyond.

Taking up these opportunities enhances our organisational health and sustainability. It allows us to expand our offerings to a wide range of agencies responsible for the delivery of justice and contributes to the betterment of the justice system as a whole.


Advancing capability

We are an organisation comprised of legal and other professionals with broad skills and experience of the highest calibre, as well as areas of specialisation. Our own knowledge combined with strong working relationships with judicial officers, policy makers and academic experts enables us to provide wideranging educational opportunities for the judiciary.

In the years ahead, the College will further diversify its skills base to broaden our ability to identify and respond to the assorted challenges and opportunities facing the judiciary and the Victorian courts and tribunal system.