Summer Reading 2017

"What is it about literature that means that … as a judicial officer I can sit hearing family violence cases at Broadmeadows for six years or so and feel like I have a fairly clear understanding of that, not that I have experienced it, and then read a book like Tim Winton’s The Turning which has some short stories with family violence in it and find another dimension to my learning has been opened up in terms of how I understand that as a phenomena..."

 Magistrate Caitlin English, Summer Reading Twilight, 2016

Magistrate Caitlin English, moderated a fascinating discussion with award-winning Australian writers, Gideon Haigh and Alice Pung in the final of our 2016 Law and Literature Series. 

Hosted in the Supreme Court Library, Gideon and Alice presented a curated list of fiction and non-fiction works for judicial officers to consider reading.

Our Law and Literature Series, now in its second year, invites acclaimed presenters in discussion with judicial officers to focus on a range of literary works that relate to the law and relevant social issues.  

Alice Pung, Artist-in-Residence, University of Melbourne

Alice Pung, Artist-in-Residence, University of Melbourne

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